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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Anger Management Classes

Since there is no legislation on anger management yet, Las Vegas (and Nevada) does not have a court approved Anger Management program. The court does give credit for participants completing anger management courses through A Steady Space.

Partners and family members cannot be in the same anger management class together. There are many reasons for this policy. Your partner may, however, attend other anger management classes through our program. We currently offer 20+ anger management classes weekly, so there are many options.

We can accept insurance, but only when doing therapy. Insurance does not cover psycho-educational classes such as anger management since it is not therapy. A diagnosis needs to be treated for insurance to cover fees. Should you want to use insurance, you can request for therapy sessions with our clinical staff. In addition, if you are court-ordered, note that many insurance companies do not cover court-ordered therapy.  Please check with your insurance company.

During the anger management registration process, an assessment will be taken to assess your anger management needs. A clinical overview will also be given which will rule out any clinical concerns that contribute to the anger. Based on the assessment, the anger management intake counselor will suggest the number of classes recommended.  In general, we recommend a minimum of three months (one session per week) for a habit to be formed, and six months to maintain the newly learned skills.

Unfortunately, we do not offer free anger management classes, nor anger management services, unless you are a U.S. veteran and are coming voluntarily. If you are court-ordered, be sure you select an anger management provider on the CAAMP provider list. You can talk to one of our anger management counselors for further referrals.

There is no difference in the material presented. However, our low fee anger management classes often have more court-ordered participants than the regular fee classes composed of participants coming to the Anger Management program voluntarily. Both classes are accepted for the purposes of court-order.

To help accommodate participants with financial concerns, Anger Management 818 offers anger management classes at a low-fee rate of $20 versus the $30 regular class rate.

Our anger management classes consist of 3-10 participants in each anger management group.

Yes, we recommend that you bring your court papers if you are interested in receiving a progress report for the courts. No, you do not need to bring your court papers to enroll in our Anger Management program, however it is helpful for the anger management counselor to review and confirm that you are in the correct program. If you need progress reports for the court you must bring your court papers.

No. Clients need to enroll online and attend an intake appointment prior to coming to class. To insure that you will be seen, please contact one of our anger management counselors to schedule an appointment at  .

Proof of enrollment for anger management can be provided the same day you enroll for a fee of $50. We can provide you with an anger management progress report at most of the classes. Please request a progress report in writing (via text or email) at least eight days in advance to avoid the $50 expedited fee. In general, you have three weeks to enroll from your initial court date. It’s your responsibility to enroll soon enough to get the appropriate paperwork.

Anger management counselors will suggest at least 26 sessions of Anger Management classes for results to be practiced and noticeable. The results will also depend on whether you are practicing the anger management skills learned in class outside of class. Some participants have reported a change within a few weeks, so this will depend on whether or not you are practicing the skills learned in your anger management classes.

Our anger management facilitators can only release information if we have a signed consent from the client authorizing us to do so.  Once we have a signed release, we can speak to your attorney.

No, you do not have to pay for the anger management classes in advance. It is your choice whether or not to pay in advance for anger management services. Payment is due at the time of service.

Clients are only allowed to attend class if they arrive no more than 5 minutes late. If a participant misses more than 5 minutes, the session will not count for the courts.

Yes. Once anger management classes are completed you will receive a progress report for the courts to show your completion of the Anger Management program.

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