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- Ralph Emerson

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Anger Management

Anger is not the problem - it is what we do with it that becomes one. Anger is an incredibly helpful and effective tool in recognizing your need to be heard and valued. It is our compass and one that encourages us to protect, advocate for and prevent harm from occurring to us. It is one of our most primal emotions because it is constantly assessing for threats to our health, physical or otherwise. The challenge is: sometimes these threats are real and sometimes they are perceived threats. The problem? Our brain can't tell the difference without practice.

This is how anger has gotten such a bad reputation as a destructive, harmful force. It does not have to be; instead, it can be honed, regulated and used to our benefit. These sessions will enable you to absorb the tools necessary via a skills-based approach, including enriching our empathy, getting comfortable with self-advocacy and setting boundaries. Utilizing these skills will enable you to not only maintain control during triggering situations, but to actually feel regulated and move forward intentionally.

This work has the potential to be exponentially rewarding. Needing it is not indicative of something "wrong" with you; it just means you have the strength and courage to recognize we have some work to do. And from where I'm standing, we could all use a bit of it.

***Reminder: this is not therapy***

Relationship Management

Romantic partners, friends & family - Many of us wait until deep-rooted resentments take hold of our relationship to seek intervention but we fail to see this point of view is doomed from the start. Let's do routine maintenance on your relationships in order to strengthen emotional intimacy and communication.


  • Effectively communicate and listen within your relationships
  • Be aware of the healthy and unhealthy signs of relationships and how to appropriately respond
  • Learn flexible and appropriate boundaries to set with your relationships
  • Understand how your relationship with yourself impacts all of your relationships
  • Recognize the role and meaning of power in your relationships
  • Be more confident when resolving conflict with others

Individual Coaching Sessions


"That's not what I meant"; "It sounded different in my head"; "I can't explain it" ; or "I don't know how I feel" -- These are common ways of expressing being misunderstood and having difficulty being able to find the words to convey how you're feeling (or recognize what they may actually be). Learning the skills of effective communication can minimize conflict, increase emotional intelligence and lead to deeper connections in your personal and professional life. This program will be specifically tailored for each participant, whether it be individual, couples, families, organizations or the like.


If your productivity or the productivity of your business has been stunted and overshadowed by miscommunications, gossiping and interpersonal issues, A Steady Space can help you mend. Attempting to resolve these challenges on your own can be costly to your business and office morale, leading to high employee turnover and, in some cases, formal complaints and accusations. Our work together will focus on improving skills such as effective communication, stress management and emotional intelligence.

Adolescent Social Skills

This program focuses on many social challenges of being an adolescent, including effective communication, emotional intelligence, empathy and recognizing triggering situations.


everything No One Told You To Talk About

Our up and coming course, Parenting Prep: Everything No One Told You to Talk About, is coming Fall 2023. Stay tuned for more details.